Three Ways To Wear A Quarter Zip Sweater

When you start to shop for men's garments that you know will come in handy during the fall and winter months, one article of clothing to add to your shopping list is a quarter-zip sweater. These sweaters are widely available from many designer brands, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to color, patterns, and even the sweater's type of material. While a lot of people zip up the zipper so that there's very little of an opening beneath their chin, you can also wear this sweater with the quarter-zip zipper undone. If this idea appeals to you, here are three style options.


One good option is to wear your quarter-zip sweater open with a T-shirt visible beneath it. Doing so will give you a casual look that can work well for weekend gatherings with friends, meals in local restaurants, and more. When you choose a T-shirt, you want to ensure that it features a plain color that complements the color of your sweater. Additionally, you'll want to pick a shirt that doesn't have any graphics or wording on it, as this design might be partially visible where your sweater's zipper is open, which wouldn't create a stylish look.

Dress Shirt

If you want to have a business-casual style when you wear your quarter-zip sweater, you can pair this garment with a dress shirt. Leaving the dress shirt open at the collar will mimic the open look of the sweater. This combination shows that you're thinking about style, but also not overdressing. It can be an appropriate look for all sorts of office jobs, as well as date nights, theater events, and other similar outings. The sweater will help to keep you warm, but the open zipper and open top of the dress shirt can encourage airflow so you're not too hot.

Dress Shirt And Tie

Wearing a dress shirt and tie beneath your quarter-zip sweater is a good option if you need to have a formal look for work or other activities. While some people wear a sweater vest with their shirt and tie, a sweater with full-length sleeves will provide more warmth when the weather is cold. If you're wearing a tie beneath your sweater, you'll want to ensure that you tie it on the shorter side so that its tip doesn't stick out beneath the sweater's bottom edge. Visit a men's designer clothing store to check out its selection of quarter-zip sweaters for sale.

For more information on men's designer quarter-zip sweaters, contact a professional near you.

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